Afghanistan: The Country Urging Peace

Afghanistan, a part of Central Asia, is also known as Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been the nation of ambiguity because of various religious, political and economic pressures and anomalies. Afghanistan is the country majorly marked by Pashtoor, Hazara, Tajik and Uzbek groups. The Afghans follow the Islamic religion in a broader view. Kabul being the capital of Afghanistan had also been the major centre of commotion and violence. Afghanistan has a population of around 32 million. The temperature of the country involves moderation in terms of cold winters and hot summers. The majorly spoken language in Afghanistan includes Persian and Pashto. Most of the Afghans have a nomadic mode of living. Being the most underdeveloped country the economy of the nation is not stable then in addition, Mining supports the economy of the country to the farthest extend.

Best way to reach Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan has its International Airline named as Ariana, which has its connectivity for domestic as well as International routes. Afghanistan has a capitation of 53 airports inclusive of Kabul International Airport, Kandahar International Airport and Herat Airport. There is a well-verged connectivity to various other Asian countries and places too from Afghanistan.

  • The connectivity within the country or for short distance coverage is considered through the limited Rail services within the country, while the road routes are mapped up by the usage of private convenience, trucks and the bus facilities provisions, for instance Mercedes Benz Buses are introduced in the country for average route coverage.
Tourist Destinations In Afghanistan
  • Buddha Cliff, Bamiyan
    The Buddha Cliff is the two standing carved giant Buddhas located in northwestern area of Kabul, which is an instance of Gandhara art form. The site is also inclusive of various Buddhist paintings in the valley, which are the works from paint oil obtained from various walnuts etc. The site has witnessed deteriorations in the history and as of now too in March 2001 due to certain racial disturbances.

  • Heart Citadel
    Heart Citadel is located in Herat in Afghanistan. It has been the empires headquarters a lot of time, engineered and re-engineered, made up in an elevation and as made up of fired brick. It has two enclosures as wall, two courtyards, thirteen semi-circular towers and two west placed gates. Heart Citadel has been preserved and restored under the consideration of UNESCO.

  • Babur's Garden
    Babur's Garden is one of the places built under the reign of Emperor Babur, which is now the place of last resting for the emperor too. It is constructed around a water channel centrally placed, having a Timurid garden as well as a cemetery. The site as marked by waterfalls as well as channels made up of marble.

  • Shrine of Hazrat Ali Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan
    The shrine known as the Blue Mosque is a re-engineered form of the original construction with a marble slab; the only remain of an original kind. The site has the tomb of various Afghan leaders too.A beautiful site to watch, the shrine attracts the tourist with is blue attraction.
Cultural and other Activities
The Afghanis are more prone to life of living in small tribes or groups distantly located having their own micro cultures and traditions. The people living in small tribes have an equivalent and strong union and loyalty towards the culture of the same. Education has been in the smallest form but Afghanis have their interests in Persian Poetry and literary works. Other activities such as introduction of media too have been initiated in Afghanistan in terms of various National Broadcast Programs. With the other aids, too Afghanistan has been aided by US for various appraisals and growth.