Albania: The Overview

Albania located in Southeast Europe is also known as Republic of Albania. With land area of 27400 sq km, Albania has the population ranging to 37 lakhs. The capital of Albania is Tirana. Republic of Albania has its great political stand by having its role under heads like World Trade Organization, Union for the Mediterranean and various other reforms and titles too. The country experiences contrasts in climate ranging from Mediterranean to Mediterranean-Continental climate. The area suffers heavy mark of rainfall due to Mediterranean Sea. The religions followed here comprises of majority in Muslims then Orthodox Christian and some Roman Catholics too. The language used in Albania is Albanian. The economy of Albania is poor but acceleration in terms of Agriculture and Tourism has paced up the economic growth of the country.

Ways to reach Albania
  • By Railway
    The railway is controlled and rum by HSH- Hekurudha Shquptare Railway Company that connects the nearby a region within the country too.

  • By Bus
    The buses and the private convenience too work well in the country due to the less development in the routes of the railway.

  • By Air
    Tirana International Airport is the International airport that connects 14 airlines which communicates with 29 different locations.
Top 5 Tourist Destination
  • National Museum of History
    The museum has the archaeological rich involvements even as ancient as 100,000 BC. The exterior of the museum is marked by mosaic works that attracts the tourist. The museum has great traces of the history of the Albanians.

  • Archaeological Museum
    The museum has the influences of Greek and Roman period. The museum has the peaceful salutations for Roman funeral. The museum has the traces for the reflection of love goddess.

  • Butrint
    The site has the reflection of the ancient times having the forest area having the BC theatre of the Roman times. Further, in the forest area there are again walls, which have mosaic works of birds, and animals that again serve the purpose of adding attraction to the site. It too has the reflection of Greece to it.

  • Skanderbeg Square
    Skanderbeg Square is the large centrally placed square having the group of government buildings that were made by Mussolini. The front area of the site is marked by the tall statue of Skanderbeg, one of the heroes of Albania. The other side has the National Museum, which has the mosaic works again demonstrating the people associated with literary of that time. The site too has a small mosque in its confines.
Best Hotels For Accommodation
  • Tirana International Hotel, Tirana
  • Mondial Hotel Tirana
  • Sheraton Tirana Hotel, Blloku
  • Drymades Hotel, Ionian Coast
  • Regency Hotel, Korca
Cultural And The Related Activities
The Albanians are culturally motivated towards literature as well as folk music. Meshari is one of the renowned literary works in Albanian.

Various other modes of involvements include television and radio. Ecotourism works in forth in the country to help the tourists have motor biking and hiking which is one of the major activities in the country itself.

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