Algeria: The Overview

Algeria is a country in Northwest Africa. It is also considered as Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria. With an area of 2400000 sq km, the population of Algeria is around 36500000. The capital of Algeria is Algiers. It is one of the countries, which is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. Sahara is one of the important inclusions of the country, which is around 85% of Algeria itself. The temperature of the country is hot throughout the year. Nights being cool while days very hot. The coastal area of Algeria bares a heavy range of precipitation. The language spoken in the country is Modern Standard Arabic and the religion followed is Islam. The economy of the country depends totally on fossil fuel Energy. Algeria is the tenth largest country in the entire world.

Location Of The Country
Algeria is surrounded by Sahara, Tell Atlas and Sahara Atlas. The country is marked by hilly coastal areas. It is surrounded by Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Western Sahara, Mali and Niger.

Travelling to and fro in Algeria
The people can commute to various part of the world through Air Algerie in Algeria which connects to places like France, Dubai, Mali, Morocco, Germany etc. There are various options for land and sea travel in the country too. The port 0or sea travel is made easier through ferry services in Algeria.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Algeria
  • Timgad
    The site includes the alignment of car parking area, the entire of a tree scores, then the Roman town, which is inclusive of a Museum. It is a wide area inclusive of attraction in terms of arts of the Roman culture and existence.

  • Djemila Ruins
    The site is a combination of Roman as well as African culture as well as beauty and ethics. The site is a reflection of the Roman culture and heritage. The museum as well as the Djemila Ruins is worth watch.

  • Hippo Regius
    One of the most attractive sites of Algeria, Hippo Regius is the place surrounded by great fauna inclusive of flowers and olive trees too. The place has great collection of sculptures and mosaic work along with the presence of a Hippo theatre. The entire site is worth watching.

  • Mosque & Tomb of Sidi Boumediene
    The place now is one of the pilgrimages, grand and beautiful to watch.
Best Hotels For Accommodation In Algeria
  • Central Touring Hotel, Algiers
  • Dar Diaf, Cheraga
  • Grang Hotel, Tipaza
  • Hilton Algiers Hotel
  • Hotel Albert 1
Cultural And Other Activities
The culture of the country is vibrant in terms of their contribution towards literature. Many novelists have been initiated from the country itself. Cinema has been a part of the country too. Cinema has its roots down to the cultural influence of the country making it reach to the zenith where it has been a part of Cannes and Oscar too. Other activities include a participation in literature as well as music too. Algerians have been promoted for education; one of its instances could be witnessed when the country makes it mandatory for the children to have the education fairly considered.

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