All About Martinique Island

Martinique is an island that is located in Eastern part of Caribbean Sea. It has a total area of about 1,128 kilometers square. It is an overseas region of the country France, having an overseas department. To the north west of this island Dominica is located; St Lucia is located on the southern side and to the southeast side Barbados is located. Martinique is one of the 27 regions that are located in France and it is a part of the Republic. The first European which came and settled in this island was Christopher Columbus in the year 1502. This island is a part of European Union and the currency of this island is Euro. The population density of this island is about 397,730.

Culture and lifestyle
Most of the inhabitants of this island speak French while some of them also speak Creole. The culture of the people is a blend of Caribbean and French influences. There are educational institutions that are present on this island, but higher educational institutions are not present. The island is not a developed one; the government is taking steps for the development of this island. You cannot find the medication, fire and other services that are the need of time. The people that are inhabitants of this place are very friendly and kind in nature. They are very supportive the people who are new to this place will not find any kind of difficulty in adjusting there. The people of this place are dependent on sugar plantation.

Top hotels that one can find in this place
  • Bignomia hotel: this hotel is famous for the big baskets of eggs, cheese Manchurian, yogurts, and croissants. The exotic food and the fast services are the specialty of this hotel.

  • Cap Est Lagoon Resort and spa: this resort serves the best food and offers number of packages to the tourist. You can choose the one which goes with your budget, for instance, there are honeymoon packages, moon light packages, two-room set and many other. The attractive packages and services are the center of attraction for this island. It's a five star resort, with excellent facilities whenever you need.
Martinique Island is small but there are about 15 hotels which serve the best food. You can go to any of the hotels, as all the hotels are as good as the other one. You will visit this island at least once, to experience its beauty.