All About Somali Country

Somali is a country that is situated in the Horn of Africa. In the year 1991, Somali civil war resulted in the lost of the control of the government over this territory. This is often recognized as a failed state and is one of the poorest and violent states in the world. It is located at the eastern part of Africa. This country is bordered by Kenya in the southwest, Gulf of Aden and Yemen in the North, Djibouti in the northwest and Ethiopia in the west. Somali is recognized as the center for commerce among the whole world. Hot climate is faced by the people that are living there, with a bit of rainfall and monsoon winds at some time of the year. The capital of this country is Mogadishu, which is located at 55 degrees of the equator.

Culture and lifestyle
The people from different tribes have come and settled down in this country. Therefore, all the people have different languages as such no particular language was used by the people that are living there till 1974. After this year, the government established a fixed committee to make an official language that was written for Somali people. The language consisted of 5 vowels and 21 consonants. There is only one such language, but the people speak different dialects that varies from one region to another. The people greet one another by shaking hands, but shaking hands with the person of opposite sex is avoided.

What you can find in the hotels
The people that living there prefers non-vegetarian food, they like chicken, mutton, lamb, beef and pork flesh. Therefore, vegetarian food is rarely found at the hotels, since majority of people prefer flesh. This does not mean that vegetarian food cannot be found at the hotels, the various Italian, Thai and Mexican food is available at the Restaurant. You can find the fresh juice at the restaurants very easily, since number of residential prefers juices made from fruits like Guava, mango, apple etc.

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