American Samoa: The Country of Islands

American Samoa is a country located in near South Pacific Ocean with an area of around 197.1 sq km. It is inclusive of six islands that form the entire nation.The population of the country is around 55519 people. Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. English is the widely spoken language for the country. The religion followed by the people of American Samoa is Christianity. The country is a costal one and thus the economy of the country is of that accord only, the Tuna Cannery is one of the economic Activities for the people of American Samoa. The country suffers from tropical cyclones oftenly. Vailulu's Seamount is the active submerged volcano, which is also a major part of the country.

Best Way To Reach American Samoa
The best way to commute to and from American Samoa is through Air. Pago Pago International Airport is the mode to commute from and to the country through domestic as well as international flights. The country has well-developed highways to commute within the country through buses or private convenience. There is no mode of railways transportation in the country.

Tourist Destinations In American Samoa
  • National Park of American Samoa- The Park has the preservation of the flora and fauna of American Samoa. The park has a wholesome view of coral reefs, forests having various forms of floras. The park is full with marine species like sea turtle and whales. The park has an enriched evergreen forest form as well as cloud forest, which serves a great purpose for attraction of the tourist fascinated towards nature and the researchers.

  • Leone Church- Leone Church includes two churches both together. The church acts as the imposing church, as it is made up of glass. The church facing the sea is the tourist attraction in the country located in the village called Leone.

  • Ofu Beach- The beach is enriched with palm trees and the presence of coral fishes and various tropical fishes uplift white sand the site too.
Cultural and Other Activities
With education given the priority, the country has focused on the Sports area too. Sports like Rugby, Sumo Wrestling, Soccer, Professional Wrestling, American Football, Track and field are in the country for a while or so. The country has vibrancy in the flora and the fauna both that adds to one of its attraction being the Island.

Other inclusions
The country is marked by heavy rains in the rainy seasons and its quite cool down the winter months. With being an Island, the country enjoys the economic occupation, fishing. The other occupation comprises of Tourism, which is upholding the economy of the country itself. Further, there has been an increase in U.S Government jobs in American Samoa too. The country has too become the exporter of tuna cannery to US thus increasing then economy state of the nation.