Angola- Tourism and Economy

Unlike most of the African countries Angola has been making rapid development as far as economy is concerned. The economic growth rate is astonishing and is one of the fastest growing throughout the world. Though, the nation has not successfully recovered from the losses suffered because of Angolan Civil war. Just like most of the African nations the statement. It's a rich country of Poor nation, perfectly suits Angola too. Even after ample quantity of gas and petroleum along with other minerals and fuels, the nation has remained under developed. People in Angola are still left with no other option than to stick with agriculture because; they do not possess the technique to make the use of such resources Mother Nature has gifted them with.

Sudden Growth
Though Angola is still one of the poorest nations in the current world but, their high growth rate from several consecutive years is the sign regarding the golden future. Oil crisis and lessening stocks of petroleum in Arab countries have resulted in tremendous growth in the nations like Angola. Increment in the prices of oil is yet another factor behind the development made by the country in recent few years. But, corruption is one of the major causes proving to be a barrier in the growth. Oil consisting of the maximum portion of GDP and exports, have been the prime target of corrupt politicians.

Tourism in Angola
Natural resources are the prime reason of the overall development of the nation and with tourism too it plays a key role. Whole Africa is blessed with some of the exclusive wild life and forests and Angola is no exception. It has been the reason why thousands of tourists make visit to this marvellous place every year. There is tremendous variety as far as climate and culture is concerned. Though people used to visit the country even before but, the war period spoiled the image and most of the key places. Government have been making efforts to develop more tourist spots, so that maximum number of visitor can be attracted. National parks are the first reasons of increasing number of foreign tourists in Angola. Cameia national park, Lona national park and Cangandala are the most renewed places for tourist. To experience the exceptional wild life of Africa people all around the world make visit to Angola.

In near future world have great expectations from this rapidly growing nation.

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