Antigua and Barbuda the Island of 365 Beaches

Antigua and Barbuda are twin islands, which lie between Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Number of islands form these twin islands, which are Great Bird, long, Maiden, York Islands, Guinea, and the island of Redonda. The permanent population of Antigua and Barbuda is approximately 85,000 and the largest port St. John's is the capital of the twin islands. The distance between these two islands is of just few miles and in between them lays Leeward Islands. The country has nickname, which is land of 365 Beaches.

Culture and tradition of Antigua and Barbuda
The culture and the tradition of the twin island are mostly influenced by British Empire. The governance of the island is totally based on the British rules and the culture, language and tradition depicts English culture. People normally, are Christian and they are fun loving people they love to enjoy their time in merry making. Normally, you will find different culture people such Asian, African, Jews and many more but English people dominate the population. English is the mother language of the people in Antigua and Barbuda. There are many local festivals, which are celebrated by the people in the island, which is why the unity among the people of Antigua and Barbuda is very strong.

Other recreational activities of islands
People love to play cricket as one of the legendary cricket player Sir Vivian Richards is from Antigua and Barbuda. There are other games, which are played in the country, and there is great enthusiasm. People love to enjoy small functions and there are traditional festivals, which are organized since the time when the people migrated from different countries to these islands. The country has their own TV channel and there are many radio channels, which give a great entertainment to the local people. In present day scenario, you find many other things that you can do as some of the recreational activities in these islands. Antigua and Barbuda are also the United Nations countries and help in many kind of world fund.

Tourism is the best economical source of the country
Today, tourism is one of the most important ways of the economical income source of the Antigua and Barbuda. People from all around the world come to enjoy their vacations to these islands, as there are more than 365 islands surrounding the country. At present, many islands are even reserved for many special celebs, but you can enjoy them, as they are available for vacations.

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