Bahrain-Rapidly Emerging Archipelago

Talking of Bahrain, it's more about islands and sheer economic developments. An Archipelago of 33 islands, it is situated on the west of Saudi Arabia. It is based on pacific gulf and royal family rules here. It was as late as the year 2002, when it was considered as a kingdom. Basically the nation is renowned for two things- oil and pearls. World Trade Centre and Financial Harbour are two of gigantic signs of tremendous development in recent few years.

Fastest Growing Economy
A report prepared through UNESCO in 2006, Bahrain is the fastest growing economy a far as Arabian countries are concerned. It even has managed to spot among the top ten freest economies throughout the globe. Yet another research stated it the fastest developing centre of the world. Oil supply has been the basic reason of sudden boom in financial and banking industry. More than 60% of exports contain petroleum and that seriously makes it one of the leading players, when it comes to oil. Yet another factor determining the tremendous growth is interest taken through MNCs.

When it comes to economic development barriers, only and one of the major problems is increasing unemployment. Another factor that has shaken the economy to a certain extent is reducing oil resources and water surface.

Tourism in Bahrain
Considering the number of tourists (8 millions every year) making a visit to Bahrain every year, you can assume how well they have exploited the resources and have developed some of the world's best tourist's spots. After the origination of International F1 circuit the numbers have raised suddenly. The situation has certainly changed and number of visitors from outside the Arab region visiting here has increased. Bahrain city centre has turned one of the major tourists spot. Making a unique combination of their historic culture along with modern developed Continental Island, it seriously has grabbed world's attention. Some another excellent paces to visit in this amazing nation are Qalat Al Bahrain, National Museum and numerous others.

Top hotels of Bahrain
Have a glance at the top four hotels of the nation.
  • Manama Hotel
  • Ramada Palace Hotel
  • Delmon International Hotel
  • Elite Suites Hotel
Receiving humongous amount of visitors the nation is capable of offering world class accommodation services. Gigantic producer of oil and some fabulous tourists' places, Bahrain certainly is the place you would love to visit.

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