Bangladesh- Culture and Living

When it comes to culture Bangladesh is one of the oldest parts of the world. The ample variety in terms of rivers, the way Bengali people live and even after that there is strong unity that makes them a single strong Nation. Number of cultures has been developed, where impressive politicians, artists and sports person have taken birth. Unity in diversity is one prime feature of their culture and living.

Birth Place of Sheer Talent
History suggests that Bangladesh has offered some excellent scientists, thinkers, world-class writers and directors. Altogether it speaks a lot regarding culture of Bangladesh. In due course of hundreds of years number of foreign and regional cultures as that of Hindu, Mohammadians, Sikhs and Christians has influenced the Bengali culture. But the best feature is even after such influence they have successfully sustained the true nature. Influence of such cultures has only resulted in the betterment of arts.

Festivals have been the indispensible part of the Bengali culture. Some of the most widely used cultures are Pohela Baishakh, Independence Day Eid-Ul-Fitr, Muharram and Durga Pooja. For your kind information these festivals excluding Independence Day belong to various different religions. For Muslim Community Eid-ul-Fits is the biggest festival and all around the nation they make every possible effort for making the celebration grand and for Hindu community it's the Durga Pooja. Yet another day that people of Bangladesh has been celebrating from several years is Language Movement day. It is to give tribute to those who made deadly efforts for making Bengali the Prime language.

Sports and Religion
When it comes to sports, no doubt just like its neighbouring nations Bangladesh loves cricket. Though there are Kabbadi and Football fans in humongous numbers (by james). During the year 2000 the nation was included in the test match cricket playing nations. The nickname given to the national team of Bangladesh cricket is Tiger.

As far as religion is concerned Bengalis are the dominant one in Bangladesh. Near about 98% of population is Bengali though maximum of them following Islam. Minority groups include Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. Government has been very positive, appreciating difference in religions and just like Muslim festivals, major festivals of other religions are also been given national holiday.

Bangladesh is one of the rising nations of south Asia. It has been making constant development and in recent few years neighbours have been very supportive. World has great expectation from the people of Bangladesh.

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