Barbados- Culture and Economy

Size does not matter, that is very correct taking the example of Barbados. It's one of the most beautiful islands with only 35×25 KM of area. Most amazing feature of the island is the beautiful beaches. Movement in the tectonic plates is the reason this astonishing island appeared in the world map. Yet another outcome of such gigantic natural phenomena was white stone that is present in ample quantity in this island.

Influence of Foreign Culture
With a long history of British, Africans and American influence the current culture of Barbados is completely unique and amazing. Everything from music, dance, arts and life style differentiates it from the rest of the world. It was year 1625 when people of Britain found this island. Since foreign visitor did not know regarding presence of this island, the Colonials were the only who administered the place. Their influence can be seen from the basic infrastructure even today. In 1966 Barbados was declared as an independent nation.

People and Economy
When it comes to people living in Barbados, there are over 2, 63,000 people and the prime language that is used is English. Such is the influence of British in the island. Bridgetown is declared as the capital of Barbados that is situated in the west of southern region. Dollar is used as the prime currency. Economy was always supported through agriculture from the beginning but, regular visits by tourist have made tourism one of the main sources of income. Yet another industry that has resulted in increment of the total revenues made is information and technology. IT world is growing very rapidly in Barbados and that has been the reason even the financial sector is developing.

Beaches and Travel
Since more often or not tourist come here for lavishing beaches, weather very effectively supports it. Sunny and warm climate is all you need while taking sun bath in beachside. If you are a tourist and looking forward to make visit to Barbados, make sure the plan is between the months of December to April. For the convenience of visitors, developments have been made from governments and private sector's part. Car hire services are in the peek in Barbados with number of such agencies. With varying requirement you are provided cars on rental basis. Even the means of public transports have been developed to make sure visitors find it easy to travel around the island.

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