Bermuda-Hotels and Lifestyle

Bermuda is British overseas territory, which is located in Atlantic Ocean, it is self governed. It is the last territory of British colonial empire which is left in North America. Its capital is Hamilton, its currency is Bermudian dollar, and is about 53.3 square kilometers wide. The whole of the city is divided into nine parishes from east to west; among them few of it are St. George Parish, Hamilton Parish, Smith Parish, Devonshire Parish etc. Bermuda has two municipalities that are one city and one town and several villages are also located, Hamilton is the only city and its capital.

Top hotels that one can find in this place
Number of people believes that the island is very expensive and cannot be afforded until you have a huge investment to be made. But this is not necessarily true, as there are the best hotels that are available at cheaper prices.
  • Aunt Nea's Inn
    If are in a romantic mood than there is not a better place to reside than this hotel. It is located in St.George Old town. There are special discounts that are available during specific month and you can reside there by just paying $149. This is the reason why most of the people are attracted towards this place.

  • Surfside Beach Club
    This has a cottage apartment style, this club has all the facilities and services that you will find in expensive hotels. If you choose this club, and you can find market and business district that are located near by. They have there own restaurant known as the palm restaurant, where you can find the food of your choice that too at a reasonable price.

  • Grotto Bay
    This hotel has restaurants, Jacuzzis and pools, you the essential facilities are found apart from swimming in ocean.
Culture and lifestyle
If you want to live an elegant life style, people have to face certain type of restrictions, which make them feel as they are living in dictatorship. For instance if you want to build a hotel, than you have to take permission of the government as it is restricted to the number of rooms it can have. Only certain number of cruise ships can be there on the port on a particular day. Automobiles cannot travel faster than 35 kmph and you can buy only one car.

Thus despite of the several restrictions that are imposed on the people, people love to live in Bermuda as it is a beautiful island. The beauty in addition to the luxurious hotels that are available at cheaper prices attracts number of tourists towards it.

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