Best Place to Spend Your Vacations-Greenland

Greenland is a country that is located with in the kingdom of Denmark between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. This country has been culturally and politically associated with Europe for more than thousand years. In terms of area, Greenland is the world largest island and not a continent. The population that is there in this island is about 56,615, thus it is least densely populated though its area is big. It became a Danish colony in the year 1814, before this it was governed by Denmark-Norway for years and years. In the year 1979, Denmark left the governance of this island and it became self governed.

Culture and lifestyle
Inuit tradition is mostly followed in Greenland, the people that live there love to do fishing and there are dog-sled races that are performed there and almost all the people participate there in teams. It has now become a center of attraction for the tourists. The various contests such as hiking, ice fishing, cross country racing and dog racing are organized in this country so as to attract number of tourists towards it. Hunting is performed by the people that are living there, sometimes as a part time job and other time just for pleasure. They also do hunting to supplement their diet and also to provide skins to the other people of different nations so that they can make clothes, hand bags and other with the aid of it.

Hotels that one can find this place
Numbers of hotels are located in Greenland; it is the best place to be visited if you prefer non-vegetarian food more than vegetarian. You can choose the hotel according to your budget; you can find the best ones also at reasonable prices. There are different packages that are available with each hotel and you can choose the one, according to the people who are going to visit in that hotel, for instance, there are single packages, double, triple and other. The single one are for those if a single person is going to visit there and you should choose the double one if you and one more person is going to visit there.

Greenland is full of natural beauty, and attractive offers at the hotels during off season attract number of people towards it. You can avail various discounts at the hotels if you book them online before few months. If you choose two packages at a time than extra discount is given to you.

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