Best Tourist Destination-Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country that is located in Central America Isthmus and is bordered by Honduras in the Northern Region and By Costa Rica in the Southern Region. This is the largest country in Central America and is located between 11 to 14 degrees in the equator in the northern Hemisphere. The Pacific Ocean lies in the west of this country and the Caribbean Sea in the eastern region. The population of this country is about 6 million. About one fourth of the population of this country lives in Managua, which is the reason why Managua is the second largest city in Central America. This whole country is divided into three zones.

Culture and lifestyle
The main language that is spoken by the people that are living in this country is Spanish. Although the people that are living in native region such as the eastern coast speak their native language such as Miskito, Rama and sumo, as well as they speak English Creole. There are people that are from other customs but live together in this country with harmony. Therefore, this mixture of the people from different tribes has generated substantial diversity in terms of art and literature in this country. The diversity in terms of biology that is active volcanoes and warm tropical climate make this country as a popular tourist's destination.

Food served at the hotels in Nicaragua
You can find number of hotels that are located in Nicaragua country and are famous for the exotic food that they serve to number of customers. The seafood such as lobsters, crabs etc are served in these restaurants. You can also find other non-vegetarian food in these restaurants such as mutton, chicken and various other dishes that are made from these. The hotels are very hygienic; the cleaning of the hotels and resorts is done on daily basis. You will never find dirt accumulated on the floors of the restaurants that are located in this country.

The beauty and hygiene is the reason why Nicaragua country is famous. You can find all types of foodstuffs that you aspire to eat on the menu of the hotels. This is the best place that you must visit if you are planning for a vacation. You can visit there with your family and friends and can make you visit with memories that you will always cherish. There are beaches in Nicaragua country with awesome atmosphere and you can enjoy even more by visiting there.

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