Bhutan- The Restaurants and Culture of It

Bhutan is a country located in Himalayan range, the mountainous geography and the climatic conditions have shaped the life of the people. It is a country which has incorporated secular and Buddhist government into a democratic theocracy. The people living there are educated to maintain unique lifestyle and culture and adhere themselves to the teachings of Buddha.

Culture and lifestyle
People believe that the king of Buddha measures national wealth which reveals about the happiness of the people there. Its old culture and values are a center of attraction. The traditional educational system has maintained a peaceful way of living the life. This system has been successful from about past three hundred years. The new technologies and computer system evolved in the country in second half of 20thcentury, but still it maintains the culture, integrating the best of communication system and computer technologies.

Top restaurants that one can find this place
  • Malayan Pizza
    At the south corner of the country this restaurant produces the best pizzas as well as the roesti and spaghetti. The customers visiting there are not provided with a menu and the owner of the restaurant speaks Swiss-German and don't know English.

  • Choden restaurant
    If you are tired and want a good cup of tea or coffee than you must visit this restaurant. You will see the village named ihakhang that is just across the road, there are also the fields of mustard and corn that are seen from this restaurant.

  • Swiss Bakery
    This is the best fast food joint which is located on a southern traffic circle of the country. It was opened in the year 1970 by a Bhutan expatriates. Its cheese omelets, hamburgers, plastic wrapped sandwiches and a collection of home made cakes are the famous.

  • Lhamu Restaurant and bar
    It is located in the Gedu village, with the bar facility also being available. The cheese momos and the Nepal style food are the famous in this restaurant.
Thus, there are number of restaurants that you can find in this place. The above discussed are the few among the many. You can visit any of the restaurants and can have fun out there; these are available with various facilities that too at a cheaper cost. About billions of people visit this country every year; it is the best tourist destination. The centers of attraction are the hotels that are available at cheaper prices.

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