Bosnia and Herzegovina Hotels Serving Exotic Food

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that is located in South Eastern Europe, on the peninsula of Balkan. It is bordered by Croatia in the northern, western and southern side and by Serbia on the eastern side and on the south-east side by Montenegro. The central and the southern portion of the country consist of mountain, in the northwest there are hills and the northeast consists of flatland. The inland is a larger area and the climate of it is moderate that is sometimes it experiences hot summers, and snowy and cloudy winters. This country is a home for ethnic people which are known as constituent people. A person living in Bosnia and Herzegovina is called as a Bosnian in English.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
  • Otel italia serajevo
    Sarajevo is the capital of this country, and this hotel is located there. There are various recreational activities that are available there and several charges are applied according to the activity you choose. By paying about Rp 7204 you can reside in this hotel.

  • Hotel Bristol Sarajevo
    This hotel is also located in the capital of the country. It has a exotic food, which delights almost all the people that visit there. The interior decoration of the hotel is appreciable, with each wall being carved with artistic skills. It has an indoor pool, a sauna and a health club. By paying just Rp 4396, you can avail its facilities. It is a four star hotel and you can enjoy there by just paying very less.

  • Old town Mostar
    by paying just Rp 3840 you can enjoy all the facilities and delicious food of the restaurant, several discounts are also offered to the people on seasonal basis. It is a three star hotel, with all the luxuries and comfort you wish to have.
Culture and lifestyle
People in this country are strongly influenced by the ancient European culture. The various types of dance forms are also inspired by the traditional dance that was performed in Europe a few years ago. People that live in the villages of this country are more practical and understanding in nature. They are helpful, kind and are courageous too. The people living here have various talents and are focused towards there future.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a simple country with the people having etiquettes and keen to help any person that is in need. You can find number of restaurants out there, with exotic and mouth watering food. It is good place to be visited in vacations with your family and friends.

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