Brazil-Know About Its Culture

Brazil is the largest country in South America; it is the world's fifth largest country in terms of population and geographical area. It has a population of over 192 million people. The language spoken by the people out there is Portuguese, for all those that are willing to stay there must learn this language before settling there. The Atlantic Ocean covers this country on its eastern side and it has a coastline of about 7,491 kilometers. On the northern portion it is covered by Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and French region of Guiana. On the North West side covered by Colombia and on the western side by Peru. Brazil economy is ranked as seventh in terms of GDP. It is the world's fastest growing economy.

Culture and lifestyle
Language which is mostly spoken by the people out there is Portuguese by almost all the people, though the exception is that the people from Japan and South Korea, who have settled there, have not learned this language yet. Brazil is considered as a mixture of ethnicities and races, many of the Brazilian people that were living there married with the native women, which led to the generation of a new race named as Metizos. The people living there are no more distinguished on the basis of racial grounds, as this was abolished in the year 1888. People that are living there give respect to the tourists, by shaking hand with them.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
  • Sheraton Rio Hotel and resort
    This is a five star hotel, with all the luxuries and comfort that you aspire for. The interior decoration of the hotel is just amazing. It is located on Leblon Beach that is the neighborhood in Rio.

  • Caesar Park Ipanema
    This hotel is located in district of Rio, which is the heart of the city. The food available here is an exotic one, you will be definitely delighted after visiting there.

  • Maceio
    This hotel is a four star one, with a little bit less luxuries and comforts as compared to a five star hotel. There is also bar that is within the hotel. The outside scenery of the hotel is appreciated by all the people that visit there. You can find fishes, chicken and all types of non-vegetarian food out here.
Brazil is the best place if you are planning for a trip with your family and friends. You can find all types of exotic food in the hotels and restaurants that are located there. You can also avail the discounts on the hotels if you book them earlier by means of internet.

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