British Virgin Island: The Description

The British Virgin Island is also known as Virgin Island. The island is located in Caribbean. The capital of British Virgin Island is Road Town. The island is surrounded by Tortola Virgin, Gordia Jost Van Duke and Aneganda as the other islands surrounding the Island. The island has the area of 153 sq km having a population of around 27000 people in it. The people of the island are in the groups of Afro- Caribbean, white, East Indian and Puerto Rican. The people of the island speak English as their official language. The people of the country follow different religions and are Protestant Christians, Methodists, Anglicans and Catholics. The climate of British Virgin Island is of tropical type. The climate is marked by trade winds. There is less variation in the temperatures in the island. The temperature averagely is of 32 degrees in summers and 29 degrees in winters. The months from June to November are marked by occurrences of hurricanes that cause enough damage to the island.

Mode of Commutation To and Fro the Island
Terrance B International Airport is the mode of commutation to and from the country to different domestic as well as international locations. Virgin Gorda Airport is another Airport for the Air commutation mode. Air Sunshine, American eagle, Seaborne Airlines are some of the airlines that can be availed. Ferry services are also present in the country like Smith's Ferry, Road Town and Fast Ferry Services that can be availed.

Best Sites in British Virgin Island
  • The Baths
    The site is the beach which is marked by giant boulders and scenic beauty. The National Park is one of the tourist attractions. Grottoes, which are covered by sand is amongst the tourist attraction. The site is great to watch at the sunset time which elevates the entire scene.

  • Loblolly Bay
    The site is the beach again. The beach is pristine beach which is crystal clear for swimming and surfing. The bars and the different outlets are the considerations of the sites.

  • Copper Mine National Park
    The place has been a product of mining. The place serves to be one of the picnic spots. The place is marked by a small place with chimney, cistern held mini house and a boiler. The place is the ruined remains but is the site that really attracts the tourists.
Culture And Lifestyle
African dolls, pottery work, products from the sculptures have been of the major important as the part of the country's culture. Scratch bands are the popular form of the country. Quadrille is the native dance of the country.