Brunei-All About It

Brunei is asoverign state which situated on the northern coast of the Boneo Island, in the Southern Eastern portion of Asia. This state was formed in the 7thcentury, when it was under the state of Srivijay Empire, and later on it became a state under the Majapit Empire. Brunei has the second highest population among the other South East Asia. This state is a developed one, which the great economic growth. It is ranked as the fourth in the world in terms of gross domestic per capita. This state was established by Awang Alak Betatar, who was a legend. It was renamed as Barunai in the late 14th century.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
Though there are number of hotels in this state but few of them are the luxurious hotels and you can visit there by just paying reasonable prices.
  • Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam
    This hotel is a five star one, with all the comforts and luxury that are you desire in a particular place. It is located near Jalan Tasekbandar that is situated near the city. This is also bar where you can have all types of drinks.

  • Empire Hotel and country club Bandar Seri Begawan
    It is about a few kilometers away from the central business district and you can reach there in about 20 minutes. This is the best hotels where you can find all sort of facilities which you are willing to have.

  • Centrepoint Hotel Bandar Seri Begawan
    This hotel is famous for the exotic food that they serve specially the non-vegetarian one; you can find fishes, crabs, chicken and all other at reasonable prices.
Culture and lifestyle
Large numbers of people living in this state are Malays, but there are some people who are Indians, Chinese and several other tribes. Of these, mostly the Chinese people are seen there which comprise of about 18% of the population. This country is like a heaven for you if you are Muslim, as it is a staunchly Muslim society. All though the country law allows you to practice all types of religion, but mostly the people living in Brunei follow Islam. Up to 65% of the people follow Islam but you can also find Christian and Buddhist minorities there but in very small number.

Thus, Brunei is a great country, with the people from different tribes but especially Muslim. If you are a person following Islam than you will definitely like this state. The exotic food available in different hotel is a center of attraction for the tourists.

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