Burkina Faso: The Overview

Burkina Faso also just known as Burkina is a country located in West Africa. The country is a landlocked one and the capital of the country is Ouagadougou. The country of Burkina Faso has the area that is equivalent to 274200 sq km with a population ranging to around 15730977 people. The countries surrounding the country of Burkina Faso include Mali, Niger, Benin, Tago, Ghana and Cote d' lvare. The people in Burkina Faso live the groups of Voltaic and Mande. The people of this country consider French, Moore and Dioule as their official languages. The religion followed by the people of the county includes Islam, Christianity. Shia, Sunni, then there are people who are Tijaniyan Sufi and Animist. The country experiences the climatic conditions as being dry and cool in the months ranging from November to March, the months of April and May is marked by being dry and hot summer. The months of June to October are marked by summer with rainfall. Rains are heavy in the summer month.

Modes of Commutation To and Fro Burkina Faso
There are two International Airports in Burkina Faso which serves for the flights to various international and domestic destinations. Aeroport International d' Ouagadougou and Aeroport International Borgo are the names of the International Airport of Burkina. Afriquaiyah, air Algerie, Air France, Air Ivoire, Ghana Airways and Point Afrique are some of the airlines for the commutation purpose for Burkina Faso.

Top Restaurants in Burkina Faso
Espace Gondwana is the restaurant that is amongst the city favourite having a courtyard playing beautiful music and traditional furniture in different areas which are Gourounsi, Tuareg and Mauritnian. Restaurant Akwaba serves the Ivorian dishes and the African cuisines. Then is Sindabal's restaurant which is a cost effective restaurant having an outdoor arrangements for the people to eat. The restaurant serves Lebanese food.

Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of the country is marked with oral literature which includes music, myths and songs transferred to the descendents of the country. The theatre of Burkina Faso is famous for the traditional dances with masks. The music is played on drums, flute, xylophone and stringed instruments. The sports played by the people of the country include Soccer, bicycle racing and basketball.

The economic condition of the country of Burkina Faso is very poor. Agriculture is the source of income for the people of the country. The mining of copper, iron, gold, phosphate and manganese is also the source of income for the people here.

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