Canada: The Overview

The country of Canada is located in North America. Canada is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as the water bodies. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The area occupied by Canada is of 9984670 sq km having a population of around 34712999 people residing in the country. The People in Canada are found in the varied groups including Canadians, English, French, Scottish, German, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Ukrainians. The language spoken by these groups of people includes English, French, Chipewyan, Cree, Slavey, Inuvialuktun and Inuktitut. The people of Canada follow varied religions inclusive of Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikkism. The climate of Canada is marked by temperate form where the southern is marked by Arctic and Subarctic climate and the northern region has.9 degrees as the average temperatures.

Modes Of Commutation In Canada
There are around 500 airports in the country of Canada. There are many international gateways which include Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto. Air Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, Alitalia and Astraeus Airlines are some airlines that can be availed by the people to commute. There are facilities for Freighters which are the inexpensive modes of commutation which is done through Cargo ship.

Best Restaurants In Canada
  • Stash Cafe
    The restaurant is situated in Montreal city of Canada. The restaurant serves the famous Polish cuisines. There are seats of Church pews. There are potato pancakes, apple sauce and quality food along with beautiful lights that adds to the ambiance.

  • Eatery
    The restaurant is a pop cultured one serving the best sushi in town. The restaurant is bit expensive but has the best curry rice, sushi combos and the best vegetarian food too. The restaurant serves the best Canadian and Japanese beer.

  • Naam
    The restaurant is situated in Vancouver. The restaurant is a vegetarian one serving the best Mexican food and the fried potatoes. The restaurant is very comfortable and the farmhouse surroundings of the restaurant are remarkable. The restaurant has the arrangements for the live music and the presence of organic beer.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country of Canada is famous for its dance and music, live theatre, orchestra and classical music. The culture of Canada has the influences of British and French cultures in it. There are many sports played by the people of the country which includes Ice hockey, lacrosse, Cricket and volleyball. There are many Indians residing in Canada too mostly the Punjabies and so the country has the influences of that culture too.

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