Cape Verde: The Description

The country of Cape Verde is also known as Republic of Cape Verde. The country is located in Central Atlantic Ocean having capital as Praia. The country of Cape Verde has the area of around 4033 sq km having a population that ranges to 567000 people. The group of people included in the country includes Creole and African Europeans. The people of the country speak Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole as the official language for conversation purpose. The religion followed by the group of people includes Catholicism. The climate of Cape Verde has the average temperature of 25 degrees in January that is the winter month and 29 degrees in September that is the summer month. The annual rainfall in the country is around 250 mm. The economy of the country relies upon Agriculture and Salt mining.

Modes of Commutation To and Fro the country
The commutation to various domestic and international destinations for the country is made through International and domestic flights that lands in Sal. The South African Airways, TACV, TAP Air Portugal are certain airlines that can help commutation to many countries from Cape Verde.

Best Sites in Cape Verde
  • Mt Fogo
    The peak is the highest one in the country. The peak has the active volcano still prevailing. The climbing can also be done on the volcano cone. The site is marked by a cobbled road and the scene from the above is way too beautiful, altogether the site has the scenic beauty.

  • Mindelo
    Mindelo is the site situated around a moon-shaped port. The site is marked by a cobbled street, colonial buildings, yatchs in the harbour and many other delighting scenes to consider. The site serves to earn as the economic activity and prosperity.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country of Cape Verde is marked by the influences of Portugal and African culture on it. The country gives great importance to music and art (by james jackson). The music too has the influences of African, Caribbean and Brazilian form of culture. The music considered by the people of Cape Verde includes morna, coladeira, funana and bataque. The jazz music is also given great priority. The jazz pianist, Horace Silver is quite a renowned personality in the history of Jazz music.

The sports played by the people of the country include Football, Wave sailing, Kite boarding and wind surfing. All these are wind related sports which are again very famous in the country.

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