Cayman Island: The Description

Cayman Island is situated in Caribbean Sea. The Island has the three islands inclusive in it which are Island Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The Cayman Island has Cuba and Jamaica as the surrounding countries. The capital of Cayman Island is George Town. The island covers the area of around 264 sq km and the population of the island ranges to around 54878 people. The people of the country include Afro Europeans, Europeans and Africans. The religion followed by these groups of people includes Christianity, Presbyterian and some people are Anglicans too. The climate of Cayman Island is tropical maritime type of climate which is marked by rainy summers ranging from May to October months. The winters are marked being the dry ones. Hurricanes are marked in the months of May to November.

Modes of Commutation To and Fro Cayman Island
The commutation modes of Cayman Island include the availability of Cruise ships in George Town. The Owen Roberts International Airport and Gerrard Smith International Airport are the International Airports meant for the domestic as well as the international commutations modes for the people to and from Cayman Island. Edward Bodden Airfield, Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Cayman Airways and Delta Airways are some of the airlines which serve for the commutation purpose.

Best Sites in Cayman Island
  • Wreck of Ten Sails Park
    The site is located in Grand Cayman's eastern region. The site is a ship wreck. Cordelia, convoy of merchant ships got wrecked in this region and the place is found with the wrecks still and attracts a lot of tourists to it.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
    The botanic park is marked by great variety of fauna, around 300 different species of them. The fauna includes the turtles, parrots, lizards and highly endangered species. The Botanic Park is marked by mahogany forests, palms and tropical flowers too.

  • Pedro St. James Castles
    These castles are the Caribbean Castles, one the oldest building in the country. The building was firstly the courthouse then the parliament and now it is a museum. The site is marked by great variety in flora.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of the Island has the influences of African and European culture on it. Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts shows the visual art of country. The country is marked by dance, paintings and sculpture. The musical activities are performed with the zeal in the country. The pop music and the folk music is the most famous.

Rugby, football and softball are the games played by the people of the country.

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