Central African Republic: The Overview

Central African Republic is located in Central Africa and is one of the land- locked countries. The country has Banguii as its capital. The Central African Republic is surrounded by Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Demooa Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Camerron as the other countries surrounding it. The country has the area that is equal to 622984 sq km and having the population that ranges to about 4422000 people. The country has various groups of people which include Baya, Banda, Mandjia, Sara, Yakoma and Mbowm. These groups of people in Central African Republic speak French and Sango as their official languages. The people of Central African Republic follow the varied religions being Christians, Islam, Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans and Grace Brethren. The country experiences the tropical kind of climate. The country is marked by floods from the nearby rivers occasionally. The economy of the country runs through Agriculture, farming and Fishing.

Modes of Commutation for Central African Republic
There are weekly flights to and from many French countries which includes Air France. Sudan Airlines serve the purpose of commutation for the country.

Best Sites in the Country
  • Dzanga- Sangha National Park
    The national park is the tourist attraction for the country. Bayanga is the village that resides near the site having various guesthouses and luxurious arrangements for the stay of the tourists there. The Sangha River flows by the site too.

  • M' Baiki
    The site is situated in southwest of Bangui. The site is marked by rainforest. The site is the attraction for the tourists as well as serves the purpose of camping too. The site is famous for the timber, coffee and tobacco. The ebony sculpture in the Sabe village is also the attraction for the country.

  • Chutes de Boali
    The site is the waterfall that has the height of around 50 metres. The waterfall gets dried up in the dry season. The site has a small entry fee. The site has the Chinese dam situated near it. Sundays have the water released up from the dam.
Lifestyle and Culture
The country is marked by music from various cultural forms that do reside in the country itself. The various musical instruments include Keyboards, drums, congo drum, Soccer and Basketball.

Soccer and Basketball are the two famous sports played by the people of Central African Republic.

The economy of the country is marked by Agriculture and farming. The country too has fishing as fishing as the economic activity. The country is too marked with various minerals including diamond, iron ore, lime and zinc. The country is rich in coffee, tobacco and timber and has the export for the same too.