Chad: The Overview

The country of Chad is also known as Republic of Chad. The country is located in Central Africa. The country has N' Djamena as its capital and is surrounded by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria as the other countries. The country of Chad has the area of around 1284000 sq km and the population is marked around 10329208 people in the country. The group of varied people found in Chad includes Sara, Arab, Mayo- Kebbi, Hadjarai and Tandjile. The people of the country follow the religion by being Muslim, Roman Catholic, Protestants, Animism and Atheist. The climate of Chad is tropical one which is marked by being wet in the months from May to October, in the southern part of the country. The annual rainfall in Chad is marked by 50 mm.

Modes Of Commutation To and Fro Chad
The modes of commutation are very less in the country. Air France makes the country avail to various commutation purposes for the country of Chad. The commutation within the country can be availed through the various public transportation and buses made available by the government.

Best Sites in the Country
  • Zakouma National Park
    The national park is the most famous tourist spot and also the finance generating source for the country. The national park is marked by elephants, monkey, lion, antelopes and varied varieties of birds. There are various other forms of fauna too in the country. The national park remains closed in the months from June to October due to heavy rains.
  • Bol
    Chad river dries up in the dry season and the left finger of the lake is called as Bol. The town has a small population and has varied hippos and birds that mark as being the fauna of the region.
  • Ennedi
    The site is wonderful to watch as being one of the famous tourists spot. The site is marked by cave paintings, canyons, rock formation, sand-dunes and wildlife which is inclusive of crocodiles and Saharan Lion.
Lifestyle and Culture
The country is marked with a rich culture. The ceremonial dances, dresses and music are the inclusions of this tradition. The folkloric ballet is quite famous form of dance performed in the country. The instrument used by the people of Chad includes drums, whistles and flutes. The sports like soccer, handball, basketball and horse riding are played and are quite famous in the country.

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