Chile -- An Overview

Chile officially the Republic of Chile is a country in South America lies between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Santiago is the capital as well as the largest city of Chile. It borders Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and the Drake Passage. Chile covers approximately 756096.3 square kilometers (291930.4 square miles). It has a total estimated population of about 17248450 citizens. Chile's climate varies, ranging from region to region. It varies with 3 climatic conditions such as, the Atacama (driest desert), a Mediterranean climate, and rainy temperate climate. The people in the country are religiously Roman Catholic and Protestant. Chilean Spanish is the variety of Spanish spoken in most of Chile.

    There are few many animals found in Chile, South America. Among them are Puma or cougar, the llama-like guanaco, the fox-like chilla, and the small deer known as pudu.

    Near about 3,000 species are founded in Chile.

    Some regions in Chile is largely barren of vegetation. Some species found in this region are the hardy espinos, the Chilean pine, the southern beeches and the copihue.
Transport in Chile is mostly by road. Buses are the main means of transportation in Chile. The system mostly is spread all over the country. The role of railway is important though plays a relatively small part in the transportation system in the country. The train usually takes longer time to reach to destination as buses.

Best Restaurants
  • Emporio La Rosa
    Most popular restaurants in Santiago, Chile,is known for its fabulous flavors of ice-creams.

  • Astrid y Gaston
    The changing menu of fish stews, suckling pig and juices made this one of Santiago's most critically acclaimed restaurants.

  • Patagonia
    Situated at Santiago,Chile. It is harder to predict the combinations of cuisine cooked by the chefs. Their main cuisines are Patagonian lamb with sauce, rainbow trout dressed in smoked goat cheese, and the brownies with Cabernet coulis.

  • Liguria
    This restaurant serves equal measures of bar and bistro, located near Santiago, considered as the best restaurant for dinners.
Lifestyle And Culture
The Chilean culture has been a mix of Spanish colonial elements and various groups who shared a common social, religious and economic structure, as well as a common linguistic heritage. Chile has a diverse territory thus, the lifestyle of the Chile has not been possible everywhere. There are many customs and traditions that prevail towards the north and south of Chile. The national dance of Chile is cueca. The most popular and widely followed sport in Chile that is liked by both young and old is "football." Other sports prefered by Chilean are skiing, surfing, basketball and rodeo.

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