Christmas Island: The Overview

Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean surrounded by Western Australian city Perth, Indonesian capital Jakarta and Cocos Islands. It has a population of 1403 residents who live in a number of settlement areas. Flying Fish Cove also known as Kampong is a capital city of Christmas Island. The official language used in this territory is English but Chinese and Malay are also spoken. The total land area is 135 square kilometers (52 sq miles). The climate is tropical with heat and humidity moderated by trade winds. Australian dollar is used as a currency in this island. The ethnic composition is Chinese, European and Malay. Religions practiced on Christmas Island include Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and others. The only significant economic activity had been the phosphate mining. Christmas Island is internationally famous for migration of sixty million red land crabs, from the forest to the ocean.

Wildlife in Christmas Island
Two-third of the island is declared as a National Park as so many unique species of flora and fauna exist here.
  • Flora
    The dense rainforest has around 25 tree species. Some of the endemic plants include the Trees Arenga listeri, Pandanus elatus and Dendrocnide peltata, the shrubs Abutilon listeri, Colubrina pedunculata, etc.

  • Fauna
    Some of the species namely Maclear's and Bulldog rat, Christmas Island Pipistrelle, have become extinct from the island. This land is a focal point of sea birds of various species.
Commutation Mode
There are weekly flights with Virgin Australia Airlines into Christmas Island Airport from Perth, Western Australia and Malaysia.

There is also a taxi service. The road service is the most common mode to travel there.

Lifestyle and Culture
The Christmas Island holds the diversified culture as it constitutes people from China, Europe, India, Malay, and Indonesian heritage (by james jackson). The people of the Island are previously from South Asian and Samoa provinces. The people here are famous in making handicrafts, ornamentations and traditional art structures. The martial art is the most traditional part of the country being the religious sport. Other sports played by the people of the country include soccer, volleyball and basketball. The Kiribati is the music most popular in the country. The country is marked with fishing as one of the economic activities as the country is not that well settled. The country too gets aid from the other countries to run forth. Now- a -days, tourism industry have also shown the traits of progression in the Christmas Island.