Commonwealth of Dominica---Nature Isle of the Caribbean

700-800 square Kilometers in area with a fledgling tourist industry and hardly any natural resources, Commonwealth of Dominica island has been nicknamed the Nature Isle of the Caribbean for its virgin natural exquisiteness. Found on November 3, 1493 by Christopher Columbus and named after the very day it was found on.

Commonwealth Of Dominica has a population of around 70000 and is the newest Island in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, northwest of Martinique and South-southeast of Guadeloupe.

Best Way To Reach Dominica
To reach Dominica, the best possible way is through air. There are two small airports in the country. The most important airport is Melville Hall Airporta, which is about a 45-minute drive from Portsmouth. There are no key highways in country and a new road has been built between Roseau and Portsmouth. The other common domestic route is through the water bodies in the country.

Tourist Destinations
A country like Dominica though poor in Finances yet richly endowed by nature is a major tourism hub if well connected and well explored. Consequently, the Government is prioritizing the development of infrastructure. Hence the nature's gifts to be explored there are:
  • Boiling Lake
    Dominica is home to the world's second largest hot spring.

  • Calibishie
    Sandy beaches and extinct animals can be found on this area in the islands northeast.
Other Attractions
The volcanic nature of the terrain of the country makes it a hot spot for SCUBA DIVING. There are quite a few protected areas like Cabrits National Park and 365 rivers also. The Caribbean Sea is the natural habitat to many cetaceans, especially a group of sperm whales living in this area all year round.

Top Restaurants in Dominica
The restaurants there serve a hearty and rich cuisine and serve Caribbean, Sea Food, Vegetarian, Contemporary, American Diner and Asian Fusion.

Some of the top few Restaurants in Dominica are:
  1. Escape Beach Bar and Grill
  2. Riverside Cafe
  3. Pagua Bay Bar and Grill
  4. De Champ Restaurant
Top Hotels in Dominica
Dominica is a good tourist destination for the tourists from America or Europe or from affluent nations thus the prices of good hotels here are on the higher side.

Some of the top most hotels are:
  1. Secret Bay, Portsmouth
  2. Pagua Bay House Oceanfront Cabanas, Marigot
  3. Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, Roseau
  4. Rosalie Bay Resort, Roseau
Culture and Lifestyle
Dominica is home to an extensive array of fun loving people interested in Music and dance. Theirs is a developing economy that previously depended on agriculture. Migrating towards individualism from collectivism and being a poor country yet lack of differences in wealth distribution make it a fairly crime free area. It has perpetual tropical climate and friendly people.

Dominica plays test cricket as a part of the West Indies Cricket team.

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