Comoros- A Land of Folk Music

Comoros, a capital of Moroni is known for its stunning nature as well as attention-grabbing destination for the guests. It is located in the Indian Ocean near the two countries named as Madagascar as well as Mozambique. It has 3 official languages which makes their identity to be unique. So, the languages include Comorian, Arabic and French. If you are planning for trip and yet you didn't decide where to go then go to Comoros a best place for relaxation and making your trip more memorable. People of Comoros greet visitors with their love and polite nature.

Culture and Lifestyle
The Comoros culture and lifestyle is very attracting which makes outsiders to be a part of it by their beautiful and everlasting tradition. Their culture has their own definition of lifestyle which makes them to live simply. It is basically an Islamic country and its culture revolves around this religion. Their lifestyle makes the culture of the country. Comoros has rich tradition in music.

Best way to reach this place
There are several ways to reach Comoros which makes your trip full of security and relaxation. Some of the best ways to reach out are:-
  • By Bus
  • By Air
  • By Train
So, it's your choice whether you want to go with bus, air or through train. According to you, which is the most comfortable mode of transportation? You can there through train also at reasonable place but if you want to reach out earlier then best mode is by air.

Top five tourist destination-
There are many tourist destinations which can be eye-catching and makes your mood full of relief. So, top 5 tourist destinations are:-
  1. Mount Karthala
  2. Mwali
  3. Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi
  4. Nqazidja
  5. Mahore
There are many tourist attraction places which can give people to have happiness for being a trip in Comoros.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
There are a number of budget hotels in Comoros. Essential accommodation is ubiquitous in most hotels in Comoros. The range of hotel Comoros could be supposedly separated into standard hotels and beach bungalows. Some of the top hotels are:-
  • Le Galawa Beach Hotel
  • Hotel Caribou Mayotte
  • Hotel Itsandra Sun
  • Hotel Les Arcades
  • Hotel Caribou Mayotte
So, whenever you visit Comoros then visit above mentioned hotel as they well known and admired hotel of Comoros. They provide world-class services and give you comfortable mood to be there.

There are many hotels which can attract visitors by their services but these above hotels offers high quality services with comfortable life to stay on. Enjoy being there! Comoros is the city famous for its folk music as it is the pride symbol of them. The mixed culture of Comoros can be flavored in their food, language and music.

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