Cook Islands

The heart of Polynesia
The Cook Islands is the net islands in south pacific. It is a chain of 15 islands, the size of India but not bigger than New Zealand with a population of 11,400.The Cook Island is a castaway's of dream come true. The cook island has a self-governing body and have a diverse languages & culture with significant difference between the islands. The Cook Islands are grouped into 2 reef 1) southern cook island 2) northern Cook Islands. The nine southern "high" islands are mainly of volcanic origin and majority of population lives in southern group although some are virtually atolls. The northern islands comprises of six atolls.

Best way to reach this place
  • By Air
    If you are going round-the-world or travelling across pacific,the cooks island can be a stopover as it might not cost you more than a single destination or return fare unless you have unwarranted funds. The ticket can be online booked both in pacific blue and air New Zealand, but only New Zealand has a branch office for ticket for Rarotonga airport. The air New Zealand has daily flight from Rarotonga to Auckland, sometimes stopping Fiji & Los Angeles and from Auckland to New Zealand where you can get international flight to other cities. The air fare also depends on the seasons as the rate for applying flight tickets in high and low season is different.

  • By Sea
    There are no cruise destination scheduled to the cooks island, although only few cruise ship stopover. If you're coming by sea, then you must be coming on private yacht or hired yacht. The official entry points for yachts are Rarotonga and Aitutaki in southern group and Penrhyn in northern group islands. The entry and exit charges for travel are same for yachts as by air.
Culture & Lifestyle
cook Islands has vast culture and diverse lifestyle due to its scattered 15 fascinating islands and huge expanse of empty ocean the size of western Europe.The English is the official language but most of the islanders are bilingual, with the fluent English and cooks islands moori. The Cooks islands are known for their generous, hospitable yet reserved in nature. It is customary to bring small gift if they invite someone to their home. The return and departures travelers are greeted with flower placed around their necks. The Christian missionaries had a large impact in the islands as a result large population of islands embrace Christianity with enthusiasm.

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