Costa Rica

Costa Rica is multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic country located in central American bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east, the Pacific ocean to the west, Panama to the southeast and Nicaragua to the north. It is one the potential tourist destinations and mostly visited by international tourist. The Costa Rica is known for its rich coast and for the better record on human development. The Costa has been listed as top countries among the top Latin American for the human development index and ranked third for environmental performance index. It is also highlighted by UNDP for being among the top performer on environmental sustainability. One of the main sources of income in Costa Rica is by travel & tourism.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
  1. Four Seasons, Peninsula Papagayo - Location: Guanacaste
    It is one the elite & ideal hotel because of its distance between restaurants and town. It architecture defines high sustainability and low impact lined by palm trees and surrounded by ocean, has one of the grand entrance design to blend into the environment.

  2. Florblanca - Location: Santa Teresa
    It is one of the finest hotels which attract many people by its world class destination for surfing in empty beaches and for its seven acres beautiful forested beachfront. It is open-aired villas surrounded by tropical forest and within footsteps from ocean.

  3. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort -- Location: Arenal, La Fortuna
    One of the luxurious resort,attract people for its renowned hot springs,endless views nature, natural hot springs and unique view of volcano.

  4. JW Marriot - Location: Guanacaste
    It is situated on one of the most exclusive beaches, provides best fits for traveler looking for traditional resort experience and enjoys anonymity.

  5. Zephyr Palace - Location: Jaco
    It is situated on top of mountain within few hour drive from capital, gives a unique combination of sea view and rain forest.
Culture & Lifestyle
Costa Rica is one the most peaceful and democratic country in the world and it has not had an army for 50 years. The richness of Costa Rica is not only extended to is coast but also its people, in addition there are vast majority of Mestizo demographic, there are national immigrants and several colonies which has restored the unique cultural heritage like Chinese, Italians, Hebrew, Lebanese, African descendants etc, as well a native people. Due to its army abolishment lot of money is saved by the country which is invested in improving quality life for the citizens.

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