Culture, Lifestyle and Best Hotels of New Caledonia

Culture & Lifestyle of New Caledonia
Its culture is not widely influenced by the tribal history. In the present, It is considered as one of the advanced countries if the world. The wealth and the number of jobs generated by New Caledonia's nickel-mining industry have attracted many migrants here from France's two Polynesian colonies: French Polynesia (aka Tahiti) and Wallis & Futuna. Most of these ...more [+]Polynesians have settled in and around Noumea. While they live a non-traditional lifestyle here, Wallisians often dress up in traditional garb when travelling between Wallis and New Caledonia. New Caledonia remains part of France therefore the official language is French. Traditional Kanak houses or "case" are unique in the South Pacific, often reminding visitors more to villages of Africa. Such ...more [+]tribal architecture remains common in the northeast of Grande Terre and the Loyalty Islands. Festivals offer a unique chance to see traditional costumes and dances of the Kanak. The Church has a strong influence on the life of New Caledonia, too. Two-third of the population is Catholic, and churches are busy on Sundays. If you catch a major religious ceremony, you are in for a rather colorful event; As New Caledonia's churches are some of the finest in the Pacific architecturally.

Top Hotels that one can find in New Caledonia
  • Le lagoon hotel in Grand Terre Noumea
    The room are bright, clean, and spacey. A small fridge and a nice big microwave were also included in the package. Internet connection is available free in the rooms. The hotel has also a fitness room, spa pool and a small swimming pool (by jackson). In addition of these free services, you can also choose from a relatively wide range of spa services (massage, waxing)

  • Hotel El Kantara in Bourail
    Near the beach of Roche Peerce, this large complex of bungalows for the region has an allure all staggered to the corner. It is an oriental Style hotel with a great capacity for home. Air conditioning, swimming pool included.

  • Le Parc hotel In Grand Terre, Noumea
    Visitors impressed with cleanliness, space, and style of the cafe and restaurant. The swimming pool in the complex is excellent too. The Hotel has a commanding position overlooking AnseVata Beach, which is next to The Bay of Citrons, another great spot. Credit must go to the local council for cleanliness and the nice state of the beach areas.

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