Culture, Lifestyle and Hotels in Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country that is located in Southern Africa. The citizens of this country are known as Batswana and in the singular form as Motswana. On September 30, 1966 the new name was given to the British protectorate of Bechuanaland which came to be known as Botswana country. Free democratic elections are held in the country after independence. This country is flat and about 70% of it is covered by Kalahari Desert. It is covered by South Africa in the South and South East Portion and in the west and north portion it is covered by Namibia. It is a mid-sized country with about two million people.

Culture and lifestyle
If you are new to this country, means if you are a tourist or if you are willing to reside in this country, than you will not face any type of problem with the people living there, as their language can be well understood. This country is made up of different tribes, but the overall culture is similar in all the tribes. The people living there speak Setswana, the language in each tribe is different from the other, but all are similar to Setswana. But the good aspect is that English is well understood by the people living there.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
  • The kingdom at Victoria falls
    This hotel is the best place to be visited if you are tired of the journey, as this is located near the airport. It is a three star hotel and by paying just Rs. 9573 you can reside in this hotel.

  • Elephant hills resort
    This is also located close to the airport, it offers delicious food, and you will love to have it. It is also a four star hotel, with excellent interior decorations and all the rooms are equipped with LCDs, free calling facility and various other services.

  • Madikwe river lodge
    This is constructed in a circular form, with all the comforts and luxuries that are provided in each room. It is rated as 3 star hotels. By paying Rs.43069 you can book this hotel.
Thus, we see Botswana is a great place to visit, with the hotels situated near to the airport. You can also book these hotels online, by paying the money by means of credit cards or debit cards. The best thing is that people out there understand English and hence if you are new to this country you will not feel uncomfortable.

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