Culture OF Niue

Niue is located in South Pacific Ocean it is an island country. It is also known as rock of Polynesia, and it is often called as rock by the people who are settled there. It encompasses an area of 2,400 kilometers in the northeast of New Zealand. However, the total area of this island country is about 260 square kilometers with about 1,400 people who are Polynesian. This is a self-governing country with operates in association with New Zealand and lacks sovereignty. All the people that are settled there are New Zealand people. About 90 to 95 % of the Niuean people are settled in New Zealand among these 70% of the people speak Niuean language. In the year 2003, it became the first Wi-Fi nation, in which wireless internet services are provided to the people that are living there.

Culture and lifestyle
Polynesian people are settled in this island country and they love to celebrate all the festivals with great zeal. A major event for the teenage boys that are settled in this island is the hair cutting ceremony. Many of the boys keep long hairs in this island and they are cut during the ceremony at their home, which is known as hair cutting ceremony, and it is celebrated on Sunday. The guests that come in these festivals give certain amount of money to the parents of the boy whose hairs are cut, and whatever money is left after the allowances in the festival is returned to the boy. The hairs are cut by the pastor and close family members that were tied with ribbons earlier. Polynesia culture is still alive and you can see this in their festivals of arts.

Hotels and restaurants in Niue
There are hotels which beautiful exterior scenery that are located in this place. This attracts a number of tourists towards this island country. The food at the hotels is delicious and exotic; you can find all types of food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the menu of the hotels and restaurants. This is the best place to be visited with your spouse and you can make your trip with long-lasting memories. There are number of honeymoon packages that are available in the resorts and in the hotels.

Niue is the best place to be visited and attracts number of tourists towards it. You can also book the resorts and the hotels that are located in this island by means of internet. There are discounts that are available on these during off-season.