Culture and Hotels in Malta

One of the southern European countries is Malta and it is located at the center of the Mediterranean. It is situated at 80 kilometers southern side of Sicily, 284 kilometers eastern side of Tunisia and 333 kilometers northern side of Libya, 1755 kilometers west of Gibraltar and 1508 kilometers east of Alexandria. It has a total area of about 316 kilometers square that is why it is the world smallest states. It is the most densely thickly populated countries worldwide. The capital city of this country is Valletta which is the largest town in Birkirkara. This country gained its independence from United Kingdom in the year 1964.

Culture and lifestyle
The people that are situated in this country basically speak Maltese which is the national language of this country and some people speak English. The culture of Maltese is influenced by number of people living in various states that have come in contact with this country. The culture of Malta is influenced by the people living in Mediterranean and by all those countries that have come in contact with it before its independence. The music that is played by the people that are living there is traditional, western music which includes the famous music recognized by the name Ghana. The folk guitar music is also played by the people that are residing here. The people of this country are very creative.

Top hotels that you can find in this country
  • Solana hotel
    This is a four star hotel and is popular among the people for the food it serves. The sea food such as lobsters, crabs, cods and the dishes from it, are the delicious recipes that are preferred by number of people.

  • Grand hotel
    This hotel has a spa facility that you can relax a person from a hectic day. It also has a bar and the rooms of this hotel are air conditioned with satellite television facility and many others. The services and facilities of this hotel attract number of visitors towards it every year.
Malta is a beautiful country and almost thousands to tourists come to see its beauty every year. You can also reserve the tickets by means of internet. There are number of discounts that are offered to the tourists if they book the hotels during off season. If you want to see a country whose memory you will always cherish than I will suggest you to visit this country.

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