Culture and Top Hotel in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest state in terms of area in Western Asia, consisting of Arabian Peninsula and it is the second largest in the Arab, after The Algeria. It is bordered by Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar on the eastern side, by Iraq and Jordan on the northern side, Yemen on the southern side and By Oman on the Southeast side. The Red sea is on the west side of this state and the Persian Gulf is located on the Northeast side. It has an area of about 2,149,690 kilometers square and the population of this country is about 27 million. Among this population 8.8 million are the registered foreign fellow citizens and 1.5 million are not registered immigrants. Saudi nationals comprise of a 16 million people. Saudi Arabia was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud in the year 1932. This state has the world's largest oil reserves; therefore, it is ranked as the world's second largest exporter of oil. Oil reserves in this country account for 90 % of the export and about 65 % of revenues are earned by the government by means of it.

Culture and Lifestyle
The people that are located in this state are specially Muslims and follow Islam as their faith. They prefer reading bibles, and follow all the rituals of Muslims tribe with Full faith. The people dress in this country according to the principles of hijab. There dresses are loose and are often black in color, the women of this state never leave the home without covering their faces. The men of this state wear a camelhair cloak at the top of their head. The women clothes are decorated with coins, metallic thread and Sequins. The Muslims that are settled their speak Urdu and even communicate using this language.

Top Hotels that one can find at this place
  • The Riyadh hotels
    These are the best hotels that are located in this state; Riyadh has a series of hotels all around Saudi. They serve the delicious food at the cheapest price; therefore, these are preferred by number of tourists that visit there.

  • Jeddah Hotels
    These have the best interior decoration; all the hotels are designed by special architects. This is a bit expensive but they you will get the value for money.
Saudi Arabia is a developed country, the Makah and Medina that is located there is visited by millions of people every year. This is a best option if you want to settle your own business here; you can earn lots of money.

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