Culture in Saint Kitts and Nevis Island

The Saint Kitts and Nevis is located on the Leeward Islands; it is a two-island nation in West Indies. It is the smallest state in the Americas both in terms of Area and population. The capital city and the headquarters of this island is Basseterre which is located on a larger island named Saint Kitts. The smaller state of Nevis lies at about two miles in the southeast direction across a shallow channel which is called as The Narrows. In the east and northeast direction of this island is Antigua and Barbuda and in the southeast is small inhabited island named as Redonda and the island which has an active volcano named as Montserrat.

Culture and lifestyle
This island is basically known for the musical celebrations which are done in the month of December and January and in the last week of June the ST Kitts Music Festival is being celebrated. Additional festivals that are celebrated on this island are like Inner City Fest, Green valley festival, Fest-tab and many others. The people that are living on this island know French and English, So if you new to this island you will not feel any kind of difficulty. The various dances such as Jazz, salsa, Parades, calypso and many other are performed by the people that are living there. The people that are living their love the game of cricket, this is played in all of the seasons in this Island.

Specialty at the Hotels in Saint Kitts and Nevis
There are number of hotels that are located on these islands, they serve the most exotic food to the people that visit there. The hotels and restaurants have the best interior decoration which is appreciated by number of tourist. Sea food is the specialty of these hotels. You can choose the hotels as per your budget; the price for booking two rooms in a hotel is lesser as compared to choosing a maharaja bedroom set. By booking it, before time that is during off season you can get extra discounts, so if you want to save your money reserve these hotels at that time.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a beautiful island and is the best place that you can choose if you want to send your vacations. Though this island was established by Europeans, but there are people from different tribes that are settled here. Their co-operative nature is the key feature which makes the tourists comfortable.