Culture of Netherlands and Its Best Hotels

Culture & Lifestyle of Netherlands
It is considered as the country of painters and philosophers. People in Netherlands are Dutch and have a rich Dutch culture. This is the land where great intellectuals who give invent many instruments like pendulum clock. Famous philosopher Descartes completes most of his work in Netherlands. Netherlands has given a new meaning to the of their artists by giving total freedom in expressing their arts in almost every art form, whether it is painting, literature or any other art form.

Top Hotels that one can find in Netherlands
  • Mauro Mansion in Amsterdam
    It has an excellent location close to all the bars, cafes, shops, and red light district and railway station. It is a boutique hotel run by dedicated owners offering a tranquil resting place not far from the madding crowd. Small hotel has a truly delightful individual style.

  • The Manhattan hotel in Rotterdam
    It is right in front of Rotterdam Central station. Hotel staff is very professional, kind and efficient. Breakfast is good and The Gym is good. The executive rooms' service has good coffee, wine & beer, fruit and little snacks (cookies etc.) and a PC with internet.

  • Hotel Chateau St. Gerlach in Valkenburg
    It needs passion and devotion, to combine cultural heritage with gastronomy. The rooms are well appointed, and bags containing soaps, creams, etc (labelled "Monsieur" and "Madame") are a nice touch. There are safes in the rooms and a fan (if not air conditioning). Staffs are extremely attentive and courteous. Even if you just stick to the grounds of the hotel, walk around and enjoy. The spa/wellness centre is very nice. The food is excellent and is what separates this hotel from the pack the breakfast buffet is very fresh, with a wide variety of items. Small touches separate this breakfast buffet from others: a variety of fresh squeezed juices; fruit salad that is not an afterthought, but that has interesting fruits in it; a very wide selection of bread, cheeses, etc; decent scrambled eggs and every single item is high quality.
After reading about Netherlands, you surely understand the essence of this article. Now you can decide whether you want to go to this fabulous place or not. You should make a plan of your tip to Netherlands before going for a trip. It helps you to specify the destination that attracts you as a traveller.

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