Czech Republic: The Nation of Enriched Art & Music

Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe surrounded by Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. Czech Republic is a part of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and the nation is entirely landlocked having North Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea embracing it. The country has a total area of 79000 sq km with a population of 10,56,0000. Czech Republic enjoys a temperate continental climate, which is marked by extreme hot summers and very cold winters. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, which is a city with art and music beautifully personified. The economy of the country is well established and the nation has a privatization hyped in the various work modes.

Modes Of Commuting to and fro in Czech
Ruzyne International Airport is the internally commuting source in Czech Republic. Czech Airline connects Europe, Prague and North America. Prague Railway Station has the International trains too to avail the country and to make out of the country too. Prague International Bus Station connects between the various European cities.

Top Restaurants in Czech Republic
  • Cantina
    The restaurant is located in Prague serving the most genuine Margaritas. It serves out the burritos and fajitas in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian option, which adds to the menu.

  • Country Life
    The restaurant serves the health-focused food inclusive of the vegetarian goulash, salads, pizza and soy drinks.

  • Pizzeria Kmotra
    It is one of the oldest pizza serving outlets in Czech, which stays out occupied and serves the best pizzas presenting various alternatives of it.
Best Hotels In Czech Republic
Hotel Belvedere- The hotel is located in Prague marked by three-star and four-star room availability. This hotel has reasonable rates as tariffs and as per accord provides with an adequate form of services to the visitors.
  • Pension Brezina Prague
    The hotel is located in Prague. Due to effective connectivity to the well-known places in the city, it stands to be the classiest and the favourite one amongst the tourists. There are provisions for different budget rooms for different segments of visitors.

  • Hotel Royal Ricc
    The Hotel Royal Ricc is located in the Central Brno. The hotel provides a romantic feel and ambience, elevating the tourists to have a feel of being in Paris.
Culture And Lifestyle
Czechs, Moravians, Poles, Germans, Slovaks and Silesians mark the country. The Czech Republic has been unclearly marked as per the religion but there are people who are Roman Catholics and Protestants.

The country is very prone to music, art, literature and theatre. Bohemian music is the most vibrant and widely recognized form of folk music in Czech. The people of Czech Republic speak Czech language and has the literature associated with it too. The European Theatre is recognised in the country depicting various story forms.

Prague is famous for Bike Tours, which is a guided form of tour to witness the various famous buildings. Prague Segway Tour provides a different experience of touring on Segways to experience the country has enriched attributes and sites

Ice hockey and Association hockey are the major forms of sport played by the people of Czech Republic.

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