Denmark: the Overview

Denmark is located in North Europe surrounded by Baltic Sea and North Sea. The country has the population of around 5,564,219 people distributed in the area of 43,075 sq km of the country. The country is bordered by Germany, Sweden and Norway in different directions, Copenhagen being the capital of the country. The country enjoys an average cold in winters and is cool in summers and the autumn season is marked by heavy rains. The Denmark people follow the religion of Lutheranism, Roman Catholicism, Judaism and Reformed Church. Danish is the language widely spoken by the people of Denmark. The economic condition of Denmark is stable and the country follows mixed economy with the flexible market effects.

Modes Of Commutation in Denmark
Copenhagen International Airport commutes with various overseas countries availing both domestic and international flights. Other flights include Atilalia, British Airways and various others too that makes commutation easy from and to Denmark. Sea can also serve to be the mode of travel and commutation with the help of Ferries and other boats, which can be compared very well, to the Cruises as they are provided with the convenience as well as recreational considerations. Euroline is the most widely available Bus service in the country, which helps connecting with the entire Europe.

Best Restaurants In Denmark
Cafe Under Uret- The restaurant is located in Svendborg with the ambience that is brightly lit with candles. It has the arrangements for the evening tables in the exteriors of the restaurant. The burgers and sandwiches are the speciality of the restaurant in the lunchtime and beef, pasta and chicken breast at the evening.
  • Cafe Victor
    The Cafe Victor restaurant is situated at Copenhagen. It is a French bar targeting the executive class and having a great food. Since the restaurant is targeting the segment, which is elite, the prices are of that accord only.

  • Cofoco
    The restaurant is located in Copenhagen and is renowned for serving four- course meal. The restaurant is one of the best in the city, which again targets the elite class and the ambience too demonstrate that as it is symbolized by style and beauty, it serves royalty too.
Culture And Lifestyle Of Denmark
Denmark is the site for various attractions including Opera House, Christiansberg Palace, and Rosenberg Castle etc. The architecture of Denmark is inclusive of Gothic Churches, castles & palaces. The country has contributed towards cinema, design, literature, media and music that has an overall influence of the culture and tradition of Denmark.

Djurs Sommerland is the amusement park where tourists would like to visit as its attractions includes waterslides, water sites and various other recreational modes.

Football is the most popular sport in Denmark along with sailing, handball, badminton and various water sports.

Denmark is famous for its food and dairy products and the cooperative movement for the same in order to further the retailing too. Denmark is the exporter of Crude oil and do contributes towards wind power generation.

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