Djibouti: The Small Nation in the Horn of Africa

Djibouti, also known as Republic of Djibouti, is located in the Horn of Africa. The country is surrounded by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. The Sea Bodies that surrounds the country includes Red sea and Gulf of Aden. Djibouti is marked by an area of 23200 sq km with the population of about 906000 people, which is the least in Africa. The religion followed by the people in Djibouti is Islam and Christianity. Somali and Afar are the group of people in Djibouti speaking widely in French and Arabic, Somali and Afar are the other two languages that works as the mode of communication in the country. The climate of Djibouti remains hot and humid widely and have cooler winter season.

Modes Of Commuting In Djibouti
Djibouti Ambouli International Airport is the most effective mode of commutating with the major parts of Africa and overseas too. Ferry services are also available at different ports in the entire of Africa, connecting with Djibouti.

Best Restaurants In Djibouti
  • Kurry
    Kurry Restaurant serves the Indian Cuisines in Djibouti with effective level of service and this serves too be the centre of attraction for the Indian tourists.

  • Melting Pot
    It is a Multi-cuisine restaurant serving varieties of cuisines thus being an attraction for various tourists.
Best Hotels In Djibouti
  • Djibouti Sheraton
    The Djibouti Sheraton Hotel is situated on a private island offering recreations such as skiing, volleyball, windsurfing and other beach sports that attracts the tourists to enjoy their stay in the country.

  • Djibouti Palace Kempinsk
    The hotel is a posh and expensive one offering and targeting the elite class of the society. The hotel provides high-class services to the targeted segment, charging high tariffs too.
Places to Visit in Djibouti
  • Khor Amdado beach
    The beach is located in Tadjoura bay. The beach is the idyllic place residing in the country that is a relief from the heat of the nation.

  • Hamoudi Mosque
    Presidential Palace
Culture And Lifestyle
The education system is quit not established in Djibouti and so the country do lags behind in the literary works and have least possible traces of literature too. The culture or the art of the nation is preserved in terms of songs inherited from the ancestors depicting the past lives and traditions of the country. There are certain depictions of Islamic and French culture in different local buildings.

The people of Djibouti live a nomadic form of lifestyle, living in tribes or small groups.

The economy of the country is not strong enough and is very dependent on Mining and other small services. Import has an influence on the economy of the country. The nation is marked with natural hazards such as earthquakes and draughts that completely affect the living condition in the country.

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