East Timor -- A Place Where You Should Spend Your Holidays

East Timor is a Southeast Asian country, which comprises eastern half of the Timor islands. The nearest islands are Atauro, Jaco, and Oecusse. The east Timor was colonized by the Portuguese around the 16th century. East Timor is one of the 21st century countries, which became independent after a great rule of Indonesia. It is the second Roman Catholic country of the Asia, other being Philippines. East Timor faced lots of relinquished control, but after a great struggle, it became free country in 2002. It is the 120th country of world according to the Human Development Index (HDI).

Natural Beauty is the only income
Today, East Timor very dependent upon the tourism for their financial source, but there are many options, which are now becoming one of the best means of income. As it is an island, so it holds many beautiful beaches which are the centre of attraction for tourists. The other centre for attractions their rich culture and it is a wide range of culture many countries ruled this small island. Therefore, you will get to know many cultures in one place such as Roman, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Malaysian. The country also has some of the historical places, which are the landmark of East Timor. The island holds some of the exotic beaches and resorts, which are just the ideal place for spending your vacations.

East Timor a Place to be once in life
If you really feel that, you must go to a place where you can find number of culture at single place then you must pack your bags to this beautiful island. In the present day scenario, you can find number of places in East Timor Island, which you will love to visit once in your life. The true natural beauty is one of the best part of the island and you can easily find some of the most amazing and exotic location in this part of the world. East Timor is certainly tourist place, so it holds great facilities to those people who really want to spend some of the amazing moments of life.

Service and hospitality of East Timor
If you really want to spend some quality time with your friends and family then you must surely visit this island. The hotels and resorts provide some of the excellent room service to their tourists. They also provide extra features to those people who are enjoying their special honeymoon. The hospitality of East Timor is just amazing.

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