Economy and Tourism in Finland

One of the major reasons why Finland has gained tremendous popularity is because of Nokia Mobiles. The leading brand of mobiles is the Finland based company. The population of the nation is near about 5.4 million and majority resides in the southern parts. As far as area is concerned it is ranked as the 8th largest country in the European continent. Going in the ancient period, we find it was an important part of Sweden.

Rapid Economic Development
Few decades ago Finland was not considered as prosperous nation as it is currently and it was quite late when the actual development was started. Once the development was started, it never looked back and the results are shown in the reports. It is spotted among the most peaceful and prosperous countries of the world. Per Capita income of Finland is similar to most of the developed nations of the world. Its service sector, that supports most in the GDP with over 65.7 percent of the income generated through service industry. Though, the nation has done quite well when it comes to production.

As far as natural resources are concerned Finland certainly has it in ample quantity and has mad the best possible use of its resources. Even in the agricultural it has made tremendous growth that is quite strange. Most of the nations in the world, relying on the service sector, are not as good when it comes to agriculture. In the field of technological development and production it is only after Ireland. Though the climate in the nation makes it thoroughly difficult to develop agriculture as they wished to, still the efforts government has made is appraisable.

The country has very wisely used the naturally beautiful regions and has developed some exceptional tourist spots. For visitors Finland has everything to offer. The winters are freezing, making it the perfect place for some of the ice sports. People fond of nice snow will never be disappointed while visiting here. Every year the country receives gigantic number of visitors. Especially for a country like Finland where economy is based on IT and service sector, it's amazing to grab the attention of the tourists. With thousands of lakes and islands it will be a great fun and adventure trip visiting Finland.

With rapidly growing economy, peaceful atmosphere and some the most beautiful locations Finland has everything a nation requires.

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