Ecuador -- A Place Where You Will Enjoy Sun Shine

Ecuador is one of the South American countries, which is bordered with Colombia from Northern part, Peru from the eastern and southern part and Pacific Ocean from the Western side. It is one of the countries, which does not share any border with Brazil along with Chile. Galapagos Islands come under Ecuador and the main language of Ecuador is Spanish. The largest city of the country is Guayaquil and the capital of the country is Quito. Ecuador is a world heritage country according to UNESCO as it holds many native species.

World heritage and place for vacations
If you want to see the real life of natural species, then you must visit to Ecuador, as it is the homeland for many species of animals. Many amazing and exotic places are there which you can certainly enjoy in this part of the world and for that, you must visit this beautiful country. If want to visit this country then you can come to any part of the year, as most of the time the weather is just amazing. The significant variations of the geographical regions are the best part of the country. Almost there are sunny days in this part of the country and you will find perfect places where you can enjoy your vacations.

Geographical advantage for enjoying your vacations
If you think it is near the equator and it might be hot & humid the do not be afraid as it holds amazing geographical changes. Therefore, you can enjoy the amazing temperature with exotic locations. People love to come around in January as it is considered as the best time of the year, so if you are planning to visit this part of the year then you must book your hotels in advance. The hotels and resorts are almost full in January and you might suffer in that situation, so better book a hotel online. Some national parks and amazing landscapes can provide you eternal peace in your life. Natural animals are just delicate choice to see in this country and your will find some amazing creatures in Ecuador.

Must visit place in South America
If you are thinking to visit South America then you must plan your trip to Ecuador, as you will come to know some of the most amazing natural beauties of world. Therefore, pack your bags and visit the official website of Ecuador for more information regarding the perfect places in the country.

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