Egypt -- A Place Where the Oldest King Lived

Egypt is a country famous for its pyramids is a North African country. Egypt is a transcontinental country, which is border with Mediterranean Sea from the northern side, Gaza Strip and Israel from the northeastern side, Red Sea from the eastern side, Sudan from the southern side and Libya from the western side. Egypt is one of the most populous countries of Africa and Middle East. Nile is one of the major rivers and holds some of the amazing facts of Egypt.

Great diversity of the climate
There is great diversity of the climate, which is widely seen, but majorly you will find the desert in the Egypt. Still, you will find ancient historical places, which are just amazing worth watching sights. It holds the record of the oldest civilization in the present day era. Egypt is considered as Muslim country, with diversified climatic changes. Tourism is one of the options, which provides great economical help to the Egyptian government. In present day scenario, you will find many types of climate in Egypt, but hot and humid is the normal temperature of Egypt. The archaeological study of Egypt has made this country one of the famous tourism spot in the world.

Places to visit in Egypt
If you are planning to spend your vacation by watching some of the historical pyramids then you must visit Egypt. Some of the most amazing historical monuments, which are famous in the whole world, are Valley of the Kings, Great Sphinx, and Giza Pyramid. The historical monuments are one of the most amazing things, which are worth watching. Better, visit Egypt once in your life to see the royal livings of the Egyptian kings. There are other things in Egypt, but these pyramids stole all the lime light from all the places of Egypt. At present, some of the most amazing pyramids found in the Egyptian lands that have become the centre of attraction. Some major centers of attraction are Abu Simbel, Cairo Museum, Sinai Peninsula, Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and Karnack Temple.

Best way to reach Egypt
Today, reaching Egypt is very easy as you can directly get into the Egyptian airways, which is considered one of the best means of transportation. While, if you are planning to visit within African continent then you can have great roadways and railways options. If you really have decided to visit the ancient city of Kings and Pharos, then you must book your tickets for Egypt.

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