Eritrea -- Small Country Full of Diversified Natural Locations

Eritrea is an African country and the capital of the country is Asmara. It is bordered with Sudan from the western side, Ethiopia from the Southern side, Djibouti from the southeastern side, Red Sea from the northeastern and eastern side of the country. Some of the islands are the part of the Eritrea, which are great place to visit such as Archipelago, Dahlak, and Hanish Islands. The total estimated population of the country is approximately six million and the approximately size of the country is 117,600 km2.

Small country with many features
If you think Eritrea is small country and there is nothing to wonder then you are wrong, as you will find many sight viewings. There are many types of seashore, islands, museums, parks, cities, historical monuments, which are just amazing to watch. In present day scenario, you will find many ways to reach this beautiful country and one of the best ways is airways. Eritrea is considered as small country, but still it holds many secrets of the past civilization. Some of the places are one of the best tourist spots in the world and they provide excellent services to their tourists. You will find diversified natural locations such as historical locations with natural locations.

Country is perfect for every kind of tourist
Eritrea is considered, as one of the perfect locations for everyone as there is different kinds of location, which will surely attract every age group person. Today, some of the amazing locations are available for everyone, especially for newly married couples. Getting to this perfect location is very easy and after reaching here, you can simply get rent cars, so that you can wonder on the streets discovering your own Eritrea. You will be mixed with Christian and Islam culture, which provide amazing mixed culture and tradition. Eritrea also provides amazing cuisines; especially you will love the hospitality services of the people. If you really are going on vacations, then you must book your hotels before hand as you might find the hotels room already booked.

Eritrea a perfect country
If you want visit a perfect country then you must come to Eritrea as you will find number of amazing and exotic locations. Country is full of surprises and you will surely enjoy your trip, for that you must plan you holiday vacation in advance. If you want to know more about Eritrea, then you can directly search from the internet.

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