Federated State of Micronesia: The Country Combining Four States

Federated State of Micronesia is a combination of four states including Yap, Pohnpei, Kosrae and Chuuk. The country is surrounded by Hawaii, Australia, New Guinea, Guam, Marianas, Nauru, Marshalls, Palau and Philippines as the other countries. The country is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and its capital is Palikir. Federated State of Micronesia has the land area of around 702 sq km with a population estimated to 107000 people. The language basically spoken in Micronesia includes English, Trukese and Pohnpeian. The religion followed by the country is inclusive of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Baptists and Buddhists.

The Modes Of Commutation To and Fro Micronesia
Continental Airlines is the only airlines that could be considered for commutation purpose, in and out of the country. The country can also be availed by the sea routes through ferries and boats.

The Best Restaurants In Micronesia
  • Peppermill
    The restaurant is located in Pohnpei. Peppermill is the posh restaurant having great ambience with interiors of relatedness to the island. The restaurant serves the expensive food but really worth for. Macadamia nut Chicken is the speciality of Peppermill.

  • Sei restaurant
    Sei restaurant is located in Pohnpei. The restaurant is marked by wooden floorings and ceiling. The buffet system is the mode of serving in the restaurant. The restaurant serves sea food, fried foods and a large variety of meat too.

  • South Park Restaurant
    The restaurant is located in Pohnpei with a view of Sokehns Rock in its exterior. The food in the restaurant is perfect and the restaurant's ambience is elevated by the Saturdays dancing nights.
The Best Sites In the Country
The country has some great sites such as Man Madol, which is a royal place that serves the purpose of political considerations.

Then Yap Island too is a great site to watch with natural beauty and great environment

Culture And Lifestyle
The four different states of the Federated State of Micronesia have different form of culture and traditions. The literature is not well expanded but poetry writing and story writing is greatly popular. One of the poetry writers includes Emelihter Kihleng.

The expanded form of families and clan system are the features common amongst the four states of Micronesia.

The economy of the country is run by Subsistence farming, fishing and Tuna fishing basically. Tourism is also turning into an economic activity for Micronesia. The state of Yap can be seen as using stone money for the economic activies.

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