French Guiana-Culture and Economy

With one of the top regions of the world, when it comes to least density of population French Guiana has become one of the prime spot for vacations. The density of people per kilometre is less than three that seriously is not found, especially if you belong to Asian countries. Though it was known to be one of the tourist places but, in recent few years have started attracting more and more people. Brazil and Suriname are the two nations it has it shares the border with.

Why French Guiana?
Though officially the name is Guyana, but the term French has been associated with the ancient period, when colonials were here. There were British Guiana, Spanish Guiana Dutch Guiana and thus, French Guiana is one of them. Currently people altogether call it as the Guyanas.

French Guiana is ranked as the eleventh top economy in the South America. As far as dependency is concerned, France is the prime source of support for almost everything that is required for the development. Mining, fishing and timber industry are the biggest sources of income. Unlike most of the countries, French Guiana is not as blessed and has some of the poorest quality of soil that makes it impossible to develop agriculture. Even the production has not made any mark in the overall growth of the economy. Though efforts have been made for agriculture to earn revenues and the successful outcomes are banana and sugar production.

Unemployment is one of the major problems in French Guiana, where near about 25 percent people are not offered stable employment. In recent few years, efforts have been made from government's part to grab the attention f tourists and have developed number of tourist spots.

Travel and Living
French is considered as the official language, though there are number of native languages in use. French Guiana is one of the most important regions of European Union, since it contains the largest area for a region that is not connected physically. Guianese Social Party is the leading and most dominant national party in French Guiana. Cayenne-Rochambeau is the international airport that makes possible reaching to this wonderful place. Means of transport are available in ample number throughout the region. The place has all three roads, air and water transport means, making it convenient for tourist to wander around and exploit some of the best places to visit in French Guiana.