Grenada-Overview of This Island

Grenada is an island with six other islands that are located at the southern end near the Caribbean Sea. This island country is located at the northwest of the Tobago and Trinidad, southwest of Grenadines and Saint Vincent and Northeast of Venezuela. Grenada is known as the island of spice since it is famous for its production of nutmeg and mace crops. This island country is the world largest exporter of these. It is expanded in the area of about 344 kilometers square and has a population of about 110,000. The capital of Grenada is St.Geogre's. the famous bird of this country is endangered Grenada Dove.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
The Calabash hotel: this hotel is located in St.Geogre's. it charges an amount of INR24,120 to 56,052 if you want to stay in this hotel for one night. It is ranked as the number hotel among the 40 hotels in Grenada and also as first among the 25 hotels in St.Geogre's that is the capital of Grenada.

Spice Island Beach Resort: it is also located in St.Geogre's, it has a bar, spa and various other services that are offered to the consumers. It is ranked as the second hotel among the 40 hotels that are located in Grenada. The various facilities that are made available to the tourists attract number of consumers towards it.

Maca-Bana: it is also situated in the capital of this country. It serves exotic food to the people that visit there. If you are willing to reside in this restaurant than be ready to pay an amount of about INR 36,045, but your money will not be wasted at all.

Culture and lifestyle
The people that are living there have high social values and etiquettes. They are familiar with English, so you will not face any type of problem while talking with them. There are different types of dance forms that are performed in this country. You will not get bored if you are willing to go there, as there are different means of amusements that are also available there. People living there prefer fishing; some have this as their major occupation.

Grenada is an island which is loved by almost all the people who visit there. You can avail attractive discounts and offers during the off season. You can book the hotels that are located there by means of internet. This island is a complete combination of beauty and talent.

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