Guadeloupe-Make Your Trip Memorable

Guadeloupe is located in the Leeward islands, with the total land area of about 1,628 square kilometers and has a population of about 4,00000. It is a region of France, consisting of overseas department. Apart from France, it is also a part of European Union. The currency of this country is Euro and the capital of it is Basse-Terre. Christopher Columbus was the person who named this island as Guadeloupe in the year 1493. This is a beautiful island with all the luxuries and comfort that you wish to have.

Culture and lifestyle
The culture of this island is a mixed one with the customs of all the tribes, you can find the artistic, culinary and musical flavors of France, Africa, India and of Caribbean all mingled into one culture. People living there love to play music and are very creative. La Biguine which is a blend of traditional Creole and Polka. The people that are living there prefer Gwo Ka La Base and zouk music for dancing in the night club parties. The creative people living there make handicraft, they also sell the goods that are made by them in their country and also export them abroad for sale. They earn huge money by means of it.

Top restaurants one can find this place
There are restaurants that are located there and are famous for there food especially the sea food that they serve. Among them few of the popular ones are:
  • Grand-tere
    Here you can find the best champagne of any French department, but you can also find other types of drinks such as fruit beer, mango crunch etc. the exotic food and the desserts that they provide attract number of people towards it.

  • Northern Basse Terre
    It is located in the capital of this city. The sea food is its specialty, you can find on the menu: lobsters, crabs, fish and many other dishes that are made from sea food. Spicy mutton and chicken are also its specialty. You can also find the desserts made of papaya and other fruits which attract number of people towards this restaurant.
This is beautiful island and you can visit there with your friends and life partner and can make your memories everlasting one. The exotic food especially the sea food attracts number of tourists towards this island every year. You can also book the hotels and resorts there by means of internet. There are special discounts that are given to the people during off season.